Lib Dem Council Candidate Rebecca Trimnell proposes to “Interview” me even though I was elected

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Lib Dem Council Candidate Rebecca Trimnell proposes to “Interview” me for my position on the executive as youth officer, to which I was democratically elected at the AGM on 28th of November 2010.

Subject: RE: Meeting
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010 17:40:47 +0000

Dear Tom (and all),
Thank you for your email. It has been proposed that we have an Executive Meeting on Monday 25th January at 7.30pm at 46 Gifford Terrace Road, which I hope you will be able to attend. It has been hard to arrange a date for us to meet as we all have a lot of other commitments. It is however important to also liaise with the two candidates. I therefore suggest that we discuss what needs to be discussed at this proposed meeting on Monday 25th January, which I hope everyone that is eligible will be able to attend.
I have attached an agenda for this meeting, if there is anything which anyone would like to add, please do email me. Furthermore, I would be grateful if everyone could confirm receipt of this email and let me know whether or not you are able to attend via email.
I look forward to seeing you all on Monday 25th January at 7.30pm.
Kindest regards,
Rebecca Trimnell  
Ps Note: Stephen – If you are able to get to Richard’s house; I am sure we can make arrangements for you to get home after the meeting. The same applies to anyone else who has transport difficulties.

The City of Plymouth Liberal Democrats

Executive Meeting 7.30pm Monday 25th January 2010

At 46 Gifford Terrace Road, Plymouth




1. Minutes of the last meeting 

2. Matters Arising 

3. Election of Chair 

4. Interview Procedure of Mr Dominic House 

5. Reports from Officers 

6. Reports from PPC’s 

7. Any Other Business


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